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Assistive technologies for people with disabilities

Based on justice and equality, and with a methodology that ensures granting individuals their right to a decent life, Khalifa Group has focused on caring for people with disabilities in a way that guarantees their rights related to disability and enhances the services provided to them. This is achieved through the adaptation of information technology and the development of assistive technologies. The group has worked on innovating a range of applications and social, educational, and awareness programs, as well as professional and vocational work fields, aimed at facilitating their integration into society with ease and ensuring Khalifa Group’s full support in providing them with all the assistance they need in their daily lives. This support aims to enable them to achieve the highest possible level of effectiveness in their lives, adapt to the requirements of their natural and social environment, develop their abilities to become self-reliant, and be productive members of society.


Khalifa Group owns a brand called “Digability” that specializes in all assistive technologies for people with disabilities. This brand includes applications, software, websites, and assistive tools for people with disabilities, developed by the Khalifa Group targeting hearing, visual, cognitive, and mobility impairments. They have developed over 35 projects and technologies to help people with disabilities fully integrate into society. You can browse more by visiting the website.

Khalifa’s strategy in assistive technologies for people with disabilities

Development and design of electronic systems for associations.

There are many institutions that need systems to help them manage their companies, whether it’s managing employees within the institution, the activities carried out by the institution, or the specific projects. This also includes managing donations and volunteers.

Here is where our group (Al-Khalifa) comes in to assist you with our experience gained from dealing with numerous associations and institutions in developing a comprehensive system that meets all the needs of the institution and enables it to be professionally managed.

Training and training courses for people with disabilities

Khalifa Group offers training courses in collaboration with various organizations to train people with disabilities in the field of education, curricula, and skill development to join the job market. In addition to specialized courses for teachers or professionals working in the field of disabilities, there are also conferences and awareness courses for parents of individuals with disabilities. These courses are provided in coordination with specialized entities and experts in each course’s field, and Khalifa Group grants certificates of excellence for course participants.

Development and programming of assistive technologies for people with disabilities.

Khalifa Group began developing assistive technologies for people with disabilities in 2011.
Over the years, they have developed more than 45 technologies to alleviate disabilities across various operating systems. With their expertise and software, they are capable of executing projects and programming assistive technologies for organizations, institutions, and individuals to help facilitate the lives of people with disabilities and empower them in society.

A Brief Overview of the Start of the Activity

Khalifa Group started developing technologies to serve the community and associations and automate their operations in 2012. We developed applications to connect associations with volunteers and donors, as well as databases for humanitarian cases. We approached the Ministry of Communications and obtained a grant to develop this application. In late 2012, Khalifa began researching various disabilities to innovate new ideas for assistive technologies that would help people with disabilities in their lives. We focused on three main areas: education and training, communication and integration with society, and rehabilitation and employment. The team found that the deaf were the least fortunate in terms of available assistive technologies, especially in sign language. Additionally, we addressed the needs of the blind, individuals with intellectual disabilities, and autism. Over the course of eight years, Khalifa Group developed more than 35 applications and electronic systems that made a difference in the lives of people with disabilities, especially the deaf, blind, and those with intellectual disabilities. We succeeded in implementing and disseminating these solutions in the community, whether through associations or government entities.

Certificates and awards

Khalifa Group started developing technologies to serve the community and associations, as well as automating their operations, in 2012. We developed applications to connect associations with volunteers and donors, as well as databases for humanitarian cases.
Khalifa Group has received two certificates of appreciation from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Ministry of Scientific Research, as well as a grant for the first phase of the Comprehensive System for the Deaf project. They also received a grant to attend the International Conference for Persons with Disabilities in India in 2014. Over the course of three years, they developed more than eight applications for the deaf and their families, using various technologies. These applications were adopted in all schools for the deaf through the Ministry of Education, and they were also accredited by the Teacher’s Academy. One of their significant achievements was the development of the first unified academic electronic sign language dictionary in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which was inaugurated by the Prime Minister in 2014 during the Disability Conference in Egypt. Additionally, the group received a certificate of appreciation and a grant for developing the “Khair” application, which serves associations.
Applications and Technologies (Khalifa Group)
How can Khalifa develop assistive technologies for people with disabilities?
Deployment of the technology for use
The problem and its analysis (from the perspective of people with disabilities).
Seeking the assistance of specialists and technology development
تصور كامل ودراسة للفكرة وتقديمها للجهه المناسبة.
Brainstorming of technological solution ideas with the assistance of specialists.
It was tested technically and through a group of targeted individuals with disabilities.
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