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Website design

Designing a website for your company is highly effective in electronic marketing to achieve success in your business. The website provides your customers with information about your company and services. Therefore, you should focus on designing your website and updating its content to attract visitors to browse the site and visit it again. At Khalifa Group for Website Design, we specialize in designing a unique website for each client and providing professional website design solutions and the best available offers. You can browse our portfolio of previous work as we are committed to precision, commitment, and innovation in providing the best service to our clients.

you get from the Khalifa Group

Custom programming

We offer custom programming for your website according to your needs. We have a fully integrated team of highly skilled developers with the highest level of precision, professionalism, and commitment.

technical support

Comprehensive technical support for the website and training for site administrators, with ongoing support at no additional cost.

Compatible with all devices

We specialize in designing websites that are compatible with all devices and different screen sizes, including tablets and smartphones.

Full control panel

Creating a dedicated control panel to manage all website content, such as controlling pages, sections, menus, without the need for previous experience, as well as managing advertisements and granting permissions to administrators.

Search Engine Compatible

We design websites that are compatible with different browsers, and we also create designs that are search engine-friendly, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Modern designs

Relying on simplicity in website design to facilitate the transfer of information and minimize the website’s loading time to the shortest possible duration, along with careful planning to make it more efficient.

Our services

Website design

Your website will enable you to reach your customers around the world and showcase all your products or services in a distinctive and appealing manner. This will allow you to achieve the highest sales rates and reach new customers. We specialize in designing high-quality and high-performance websites to present your company or online business in the best possible way to your customers worldwide.

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Web Hosting Service

We offer you hosting service for your website on a fast, reliable, and high-performance hosting infrastructure. Our servers and software are continuously updated to enhance browsing speed and site stability. We guarantee that your website will be accessible to your customers for browsing at all times. Even in the event of a technical issue, your services will continue to operate without interruption, as our company ensures the servers are not overloaded.

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Designing e-commerce stores

Now, start growing your business by creating and designing an online store and establish your real and effective presence on the internet. We are pioneers in creating and designing e-commerce stores in Egypt, and we will provide you with everything you need from the beginning until your online store appears on the internet. This will allow your services and products to be visible on search engines like Google and Bing, which means increasing targeting and visibility for customers who are searching for your services.


We offer digital marketing packages for all companies, institutions, and individuals. We are considered the best digital marketing company in Egypt due to our quick success in the field of programming and digital marketing. We work professionally to optimize keywords for search engines and achieve high rankings in search results. We also manage advertising campaigns, create and manage social media pages, and utilize email marketing, WhatsApp, and other electronic marketing methods.
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Khalifa Group is a group of leading Egyptian and international Arab companies in the field of information technology since 1984 AD, more than thirty years in providing and supporting projects and innovative technical solutions in various fields.

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