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E-Learning and Online Education

Introduction to E-Learning and Training

Since its establishment in 1984, Khalifa Computer Group has been a pioneer in the development and digitization of educational systems and content across various stages. The group has introduced numerous software innovations in this field and holds the distinction of creating the first self-produced e-learning system for teachers and professors. The e-learning or training system comprises a comprehensive platform that revolutionizes the way we educate and upskill individuals.

E-learning and online training are divided into

Education or formal training is Mechanized
In it, the teacher and the learner are in the same place (classroom or training center), and educational technology, systems, and content are used to assist both of them in achieving better educational outcomes
Self-education or self-training
In it, the scientific material is prepared in an interactive and sequential manner that helps the learner understand the educational material independently without the presence of a teacher.
Remote learning or training
In it, the teacher would be somewhere connecting with the students through the internet

The most important projects of education and e-learning implemented by Khalifa

Modern teacher project
To prepare online lessons with Intel International
Digitizing primary school curricula
In the name School, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Intel Corporation, in Egypt
Digitalization of the General Secondary Education Curriculum
Convert it into interactive lessons in Sudan
Digitization of School Curricula
Primary education in Kuwait is affiliated with the Ministry of Education.
Digitization of educational curricula
The popularity of education in Libya
Lectures projects
PhD dissertations for a group of researchers
An educational application project
Kalamy" for Vodafone Egypt through the Association for Progress
More than 300 programs
Education and training in various fields
Seven training programs
Self-learning on small handmade projects

For each of the aforementioned types, there are different systems in place to achieve the desired goals of each type

The educational content is divided into two main types:

محتوي تعليمي غير تفاعلي (شرح)
وقد يكون في شكل فيديو او نص او صور او جميع ما سبق ويحتاج ان يتم إعداده بطريقة معينة تسمى العناصر التعليمية والي تتكون من اهداف وشرح واسئلة تفاعلية
محتوي تفاعلي
وهي عناصر تعليمية تسمح للمتعلم بالتفاعل بشكل كامل من خلال التعلم بالتجربة ، ومثالا عليها عنصر لتعليم تجربة تفاعل مواد كيميائية او في العلوم . ويختلف العنصر التعليمي التفاعلي من حيث درجة التفاعل والنتائج المختلفة التي تظهر كنتيجة لتفاعل المتعلم

The most important clients of e-learning and training

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