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What is ERP+?

It is an integrated system that helps you manage the company and organize internal processes. It covers all departments (financial, human resources, customer service, manufacturing, etc.). All these departments are interconnected in an integrated database to cover all the needs of the company’s departments. Instead of purchasing separate inventory and accounting software from different companies, you can purchase an integrated system from a single company. It is a flexible system that allows customization and modification to suit and adapt to your company’s specific business processes, which may vary from one company to another. It is as if the system is designed exclusively for your company.

you get from the Khalifa Suite

New User Interface Design

We have utilized 16 years of ERP experiences in the OMS system to enhance the user experience and make the UI more user-friendly and intelligent.


The system is scalable and includes enterprise resource planning. You can add your own application and use it within the system, fully integrating it with existing applications and our other applications as well.


More and more features are available in +ERP, such as employees providing customization, self-execution, and assistance and support from Cloud Self, a fully integrated self-system, internal messaging system, ticket booking, and others.

With computers and other devices.

The ERP + system is integrated and linked with any device so that they work together in an integrated manner, for example, integration with the fingerprint device for attendance and departure

Notifications follow-up center

ERP+ includes three main types of automatic notifications: system notifications, email notifications, and integrated SMS notifications.


Any software may contain errors. However, +ERP includes a self-error reporter for scenarios that affect errors. This is very useful in troubleshooting from the root.

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