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Khalifa Computer Group

Khalifa Group is a group of leading Egyptian and international companies in the field of information technology since 1984. It specializes in software development, marketing, and the provision of technical services and consultations. Over the past thirty years and counting, the group has been delivering innovative products, projects, and technological solutions in various fields such as education, entertainment, training, and business development.

The Group Companies

Cloud Soft 5 Company

A company specialized in and cloud computing applications, particularly in the field of business applications. It was established through a collaboration between Khalifa Group and Victoroy Link. The company offers cloud computing application development services and system integration for enterprises, companies, and government entities. It serves as the second development center for the Khalifa Group.


An American-Egyptian company specialized in information technology, artificial intelligence, and technical consulting provides analysis and design services for systems and applications, as well as development and programming services. It targets the markets of America, Europe, and the Middle East, with its main branch located in America and a branch in Egypt.

Sahel Software Company

It is a company specialized in selling and marketing ready-made products produced by other companies within the group, both locally, regionally, and internationally. Sahl Company also undertakes contracts for projects and provides technical support and after-sales service to customers of the entire group. In addition, it develops a number of projects and products.

 Al-Khalifa Technology Company 

It is an Egyptian joint-stock company and is considered a center for software development for the group due to its vast libraries of educational resources, software development assets, programming tools, and accumulated expertise over the past thirty years since its establishment. It has executed over 109 projects and developed more than 500 educational and cultural products and programs.

Chairman of the Board

The software industry in the Arab world poses a great challenge for the future of this nation and serves as a solution to its problems in catching up with civilization, progress, bridging the digital gap, and entering the modern global system that relies on the knowledge economy. Khalifa has adopted the latest educational methods in building its technical entity, using computers based on theories of entertaining education, fostering creative thinking among students, and developing their skills and abilities, instead of relying on traditional teaching methods that rely on rote memorization and lecturing. In the field of electronic publishing, many software tools and application generators have been invented, facilitating the development of Arabic e-books using the latest technologies.

Dr. Adel Mohammed Ahmed Khalifa
Chairman of Khalifa Group

Engineer / Mohamed Adel Khalifa
CEO – Vice President of the Board of Directors

Executive Director’s speech

To be successful requires a lot of effort, work, experience, and attempts. However, success alone is not enough. Our role in life is greater and bigger than just achieving a dream or success. True success is making a difference and bringing about change in the world around you. It is about harnessing all your capabilities to improve and develop people’s lives and help them succeed. You are not alone in making change, but you and your team and partners are capable of doing so. We will continue, as our commitment, to be a united team that creates change year after year and make this world a better and more advanced place.

Thirty-six years of experience
Khalifa Group Stations
From 1984 to 1990
In 1984, Khalifa Computer Group was established in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and the Development Center in Egypt was created to develop technology and software for children's education in the Arabic language, despite the limited computer capabilities at that time. It was the first company in the Arab world to develop educational software in Arabic.

In 1985, the company developed its first educational program called "Arabic Alphabet Teacher," which became a topic of discussion and was widely covered by news agencies in the Arab world. Throughout the year, the company continued to develop a series of educational software for children.

In 1987, the company obtained an exclusive agency from "Covox," becoming the first to introduce sound cards in the Arab world.

In 1988, the company introduced the first video card with camera functionality in the Arab world.
From 1990-2000
In 1992, Khalifa Group became the first company to produce its programs on laser discs (CDs) and developed its famous program "The Modern Book for Memorizing the Holy Quran."

In 1993, Khalifa Group achieved great success and a breakthrough in software development. Its educational programs were introduced to the Ministry of Education in Egypt and graduate training centers.

In 1999, Khalifa Group obtained the international quality certification ISO9001.
Year 2006
Implementing the largest educational project called "skoool," in partnership with the global company Intel, for an electronic education system and curricula to be applied in several private and government schools.
Year 2007
Implementation and launch of the largest project for digitizing Sudanese curricula in collaboration with the Ministry of Education in Sudan
From 2008 to 2011
Establishing a specialized marketing company for services and products of the Khalifa Group under the name "Sahel Software" and establishing an Egyptian joint-stock company under the name Khalifa Information Technology to be the center of development and innovation. The Khalifa Group has developed numerous applications and projects, the most notable of which is the digitization of books for the World Health Organization. Khalifa Group has developed 350 products. Additionally, Khalifa has started developing the first software system for enterprise resource planning (ERP) to be the first Arabic cloud-based system competing with global systems.
Year 2012
Establishing the first branch in North America for Khalifa Group, under the name 'Diginovia
year 2013
Based on social responsibility, Khalifa Group has started studying the needs of people with disabilities for technologies that assist them in learning, skill development, communication, and integration into society. They have established a department dedicated to innovating assistive technologies for people with disabilities.
The Khalifa Group, under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Ministry of Education, has launched the first unified electronic advisory dictionary in Egypt and the Arab world.
From 2014 to 2020
Khalifa Group has established a specialized company in business and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems called "Cloud Soft." Khalifa Group has also developed over 40 technologies and applications for people with disabilities and has received 16 international and local awards and certificates of recognition
Year 2021
Rebranding and Revitalization of Khalifa Group and its Designs (Corporate Identity Renovation)
Our goals
Innovation is aimed at facilitating human life
Providing services and products of the highest quality that meet international standards.
To assist our technologies in raising awareness and education locally and globally.
Access for every person
To have "Khalifa" technologies and applications as essential in everyone's life.
Investigating the technologies and comprehensive mechanization systems of Khalifa to enhance production efficiency for companies and institutions.

Our Values

When dealing with our partners in success
Ensuring quality in production and transactions
Helping our customers succeed is our success
In dealing with our clients and partners
Excellence, leadership, and innovation in our work and products
Team spirit
We stand out for having a cohesive team and one family
The work team

Working as a team is one of the methods and patterns of modern work that is based on dividing tasks and responsibilities among a group of individuals working in the same organization, which shares a common goal and a general interest. The aim is to utilize and leverage the diverse skills of the team in order to serve and succeed the organization. This ensures achieving better results and higher quality outputs.

Dr. Adel Khalifa

Dr. Adel Khalifa

Chairman of the Board
Anas Adel Mohammed

Anas Adel Mohammed

The financial manager
Muhammad Adel Khalifa

Muhammad Adel Khalifa

Chairman of the Board
Khaled Adel Khalifa

Khaled Adel Khalifa

The Chief Executive Officer of CloudSoft
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Khalifa Group is a conglomerate of leading Egyptian and international companies in the field of information technology since 1984. For over thirty years, they have been providing support, innovative technical projects, and solutions in various fields.

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