Since its establishment in 1984, KCG proceeded in developing the ePublishing industry for the Arab world.

The fundamental specifications were established after which the work group of KCG had developed many projects and products for the different types of ePublishing. In the following, a description for the most important work will be presented.

First: ePublishing of Paper Books
  1. Development of "Prophets Stories" authored by Dar El Sahaba: the project includes the conversion of 26 booklets for the prophets of God into interactive multimedia software on 5 CDROM. The MOE of Egypt ordered this software catalogue in the Arab market.
  2. Development of Quran interpretation for children as interactive multimedia software from paper books published by Dar El Sahaba. The final product was offered on 5 CDROM.
  3. Development of an eTraining Course named "Evaluation of Training" by Dr. Abdel Rahman Towfik, The president of "Bemic" in Egypt. The paper book was converted to a fully interactive multimedia CD and was presented to the market with the paper book as a bundle.
  4. Development of advanced eBooks for the world Health Organization (WHO), by converting the original paper books to the advanced eBooks. The titles are in Arabic
    • مصالح الأنفس والأبدان
    • صفحات من التاريخ الطبي العربي الإسلامي.
    • الوصفات النموذجية
    • الدلائل الإرشادية لإدارة تلبية الاحتياجات التنموية الأساسية.
  5. Development of the Unified Medical Dictionary (UMD) in Arabic, English and French. The contents of the dictionary were converted into fully interactive multimedia software with a powerful intelligent search engine. The project was developed for “WHO”. The contents include 150,000 medical terms for each language. The software was award winner for the premium prize in the health field. The contest was for eContents and was Organized be ITIDA of MICT – Egypt in 2006
  6. 6. Development of fully interactive multimedia software for “WHO”. The content provided by WHO was used to train teachers how to include the health culture in their teaching for students in schools. The minister of MOE in Saudi Arabia distributed the produced software on 2 CDROM for all Saudi schools.


Second: Complete Authoring of a Content and Produce it in Electronic Formal
In the following two of such projects will be presented:  
  1. The Project For Development of Quran SoftwareKCG formed a specialized group to author the contents, and another team of software programmers developed the innovative tools for text display, recitation, memorization and interpretation of Quran. A powerful search engine was developed and added to the program. A large library of verified information and an audio library with 11 of the best sheikhs were added to produce 44 programs on CDROM. The most famous one is "Al Furqan". This program was ordered by MOE of Egypt for 500 schools. Being a Multilanguage program it used to have a big demand from Muslim communities worldwide. KCG has the facility to develop and produce Quran program on CD or the internet according to the client specifications and in any language.
  2. Development of Software For the Five Pillars of IslamAs a part of a funded project, KCG produced a set of fire programs to explain the pillars of Islam. KCG contracted with a group of specialists and scholars to author the contents in cooperation with KCG technical team. The result was a multimedia interactive program on five CDROM. Several digital video shots for pilgrimage, prayer and wazo were developed. Virtual Reality (VR) was used for detailed description of the stages for Hajj and Omra.
    For fasting, the month of Ramadan has its share from the rich contents and the use of technology in presenting it. Famous scholars, such as Dr. Safwat Hegazi and Sheikh Mohamed Hassan participated in this great work.
    KCG is currently developing these contents to run from G3 mobiles and in different languages.

Third: Conversion of Audio Contents Into Interactive Multimedia Software
  1. 1- The KCG Team developed a group of sheikh Saeed Ben Mesfer Al Khahtani speeches for “Easy Net Company” (UAE). The conversion of the Audio speeches started by writing the text of these speeches manually by specialists. The second step was to verify it linguistically and as an Islamic content. The content was analyzed to extract verses of Quran, Hadith of the prophet, scholars and places. These wealth of information were run using an interactive program to present sound and text with a search engine and all the eBook tools.
  2. The speeches of Ali Al Qahtany were developed in a similar way for Dar Tiba, Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
Forth: Conversion of Video Into an Interactive Multimedia Software

KCG Team converted a group of TV (22 lessons) lessons, given by Sheik Mohamed Hassan, into an interactive multimedia software. This program has unique features and tools. Video, sound and text can be displayed simultaneously in the program . The program has search, navigation and content acquiring features (for text). The user can examine the interpretation of Quran verses, Hadith, scholar’s information, places and events mentioned in the text content. For the first time, the user can search in the video content and the program will display video, sound and text starting from the sited location. The program works on VCD and CROM simultaneously and can be developed to work on the internet. This project can be applied for any type of lectures, speeches or generally on any video content with sound.

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