KCG has a long experience in the field of solar Energy. Dr. Adel Khalifa developed many projects in the fields or solar heating, solar cooling and power generation for more than 15 years. He invented three types of devices for cooking using solar energy. In the following a short description of the solar cookers project is presented.

Solar Cookers Project
The solar cookers project started by a study to utilize the abandoned solar energy available in Saudi Arabia for cooking food in Mina during pilgrimage in a safe way. The danger of fire occurred due to the use of gas stoves by pilgrims. Dr. Adel Khalifa developed a computer simulation model for solar cooking. This leads to the discovery of the causes of failure for the solar cookers in the past. New designs were developed based on this study. The newly invented solar cookers were named "Mina", "Arafa" and "Badr". A Solar cookers field was prepared in a live demonstration to cook 32 kg of shish kebab, meet, fish, rice and vegetables. All types of food were cooked using solar energy within a period of 1-1.5 hrs. The demonstration was done in king Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah. Dr. Taha and Dr. Akurt were co-investigators with Dr. Adel Khalifa in this project. The impact of this demonstration was clear in local newspapers and TV. The British Broadcasting station (BBC) reported this event in 32 languages worldwide. Dr. Adel Khalifa published more than 20 research papers in international journals of solar energy.
After long stop, the development of solar cookers is coming again as a commercial and industrial project for Mina, for tourist areas such as sea shores, gardens and desert recreation trips. Using solar cookers in the backyard of houses is also a real fun.

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