KCG started since 2006 to build interest in the contents application for G3 mobiles and hand held devices. KCG owns a large library of electronic contents which were used in developing more than 250 titles on CDROM and 100 projects.

The electronic library exceeds now 3 million elements. Based on this, KCG team started to develop programming tools special for mobile contents. The new products are expected to be in the market by the middle of 2011.
On the other hand, KCG applied for a joint venture project with an electronics factory in Hang Kong called Enmac. The objective was to produce a hand held device that has all the features of the famous software title of Khalifa named "Al – Furqan". The device should have all the features of the software which are:

  • Quran display with text and sound
  • Recitation and memorization capabilities
  • Interpretation in different languages
In addition, the device will have an alarm for prayer time and Azan and campus to show the direction of Kabla. KCG is willing to cooperate with investors in this project.
KCG is willing to cooperate with the producers of G3 mobiles and the mobile service providers in the development and distribution of mobile contents. On the other hand, all contents and books publishers are welcomed to partner with KCG to convert their contents to mobile eContents, which will definitely increase their return in fast growing markets in the Arab countries.

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