Why OMS ?

Important question any client should ask him/her self before deciding to buy. Why shall i choose OMS instead of any alternatives in the market ?

Simple answer:


  • I need an application with flexible reporting system to create my own reports without referring to the developer company.
  • I need multi-user system to speed up my work processes.
  • I need to work on the application any where from any computer in my network, from internet, even from my mobile phone.
  • I need to exportany kind of data into Excel sheet or even word or PDF files.
  • I need an application to send me on my mail periodically certain reports.
  • I need an application which has user privileges with infinite levels.
  • I need to secure my data to the maximum level.
  • I need application which is not affected by computer viruses to protect my data from being damaged.
  • I need easy bilingual application to enjoy my work using the application.
  • I need excellent after sales support 24/7 to grantee sustainability of the application.
  • Finally i need a customizable application to add or edit any part of it any time i wish to fit my business changes.


OMS has more and more than you need, Just dream OMS will obtain.

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