As OMS is a customizable flexible application the user can select ONLY the modules he/she will use according to the business needs. The following list contains all OMS modules :

Basic Modules for Human Resources Work
1- Company Settings module (Basic) 2- Personal module (Basic)
3- System Users module (Basic) 4- Privileges module (Basic)
5- Time Attendance module (Basic)
6- Delays module 7- Overtime module
8- Execuses module 9- Vacations module

Helping Modules for Human Resources Work
10- CV Management module 11- Training module
12- Appraisal module 13- Deleted Employees module
14- Messages module 15- Smart Search module
16- Honor Board module 17- Company News module

Salary Modules
18- Unpaid Execuses module 19- Allowances module
20- Penalties module 21- Bonus module
22- Insurances module 23- Loans module
24- Taxes module 25- Commissions module
26- Payroll module 27- Due/Cut module

Suppliers, Stocks and Customers Follow-Up Modules
28- Customers module 29- Customers Follow-Up module
30- Suppliers module 31- Suppliers Follow-Up module
32- Housing module 33- Stock Control module

Project Management Modules
34- Projects module

General Accounting Modules
35- Banks module 36- Deposits and Benefits module
37- Costs and Expenses module 38- Inventory module
39- Indirect Expenses module 40- Financial Movements module
41- Accounting Reports module

Extra Modules
42- 3D and Graph Reports module 43- Mobile Plug-In module

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