OMS can work as a standalone complete application or it can act as a plug-in to already existing "ERP system" or payroll system or accounting system. OMS adds the use of secured registration method like (fingerprint, face detection, ..) to manage time attendance and its effects to the employees. OMS contains a package of software applications each one handle certain set of tasks

  1. OMS site

2. OMS Service

3. OMS Manager

4. OMS Monitor

5. Fingerprint device



OMS site

It is a system that is loaded on a computer connected to the internal network of the company and works on the web page to allow the company to deal with the whole system from any computer inside or outside the company without the need to install any additional software on other machines. This part of the software package is responsible for displaying all data (employees’ data and company data and its departments, and reports of staff attendance and leave).
Site contains several parts of the system and is called the Module are:


Operations of staff deleted
Business operations

Very Important Note: One of the most important advantages of this system is that it is easy to Amendment or addendum to the parts of the system and as soon as possible in order to make the system entirely appropriate to the nature of the work of each company or separately. Types of amendments the report of the Module or start a new or modified in the way the existing Module.

OMS Service

This program works to read the movements that are made to the fingerprint device by connecting the fingerprint device on the internal network and transfer it to the system of attendance database.

Data movements are divided into three sections:
Background: and include the employee number + date and time of movement
Secondary information: and include the employee number + date and time of movement + type of movement (function key)
Advanced information: and include the employee number + date and time of movement + type of movement (function key) + Fingerprint device number that is signature to it.
Additional features of the program:
The possibility of connecting more than one mark in the same place.
The possibility of linking devices fingerprint found in different places or different cities.
The possibility of linking the program to any kind of databases.

OMS Manager

This program works to remote control all fingerprint devices related to this program. This software includes services that enable the system administrator of implementation through the computer directly without having to go to the fingerprint devices and deal with it directly.

"OMS Manager services"
The transfer of the hallmarks of staff from a fingerprint to any other device.
Work up of the hallmarks of staff in services to the fingerprint database.
Prevent / allow an employee or group of employees of Signature on a specific tag.
Delete an employee from a fingerprint.
Extract a list of employees registered on a specific tag.
Add and delete a user password on the device footprint.
Adjust the powers of a user on the device footprint (a normal user - System Administrator).
Abolition of user system manager of a footprint in case you forget the password to open the device.
Provide a footprint to allow for staff signatures.
Prevent your fingerprint to prevent employees from Signature him.
Close the device footprint.
Work re-run of the device footprint.
Test the connection from the computer device footprint.
Change the "IP address" your device footprint.
Change the time and date for your footprint (important to change the time summer and winter).
Change the language of sound from the device footprint.

OMS Monitor

The function of this program is the definition of each person to enter or exit or Signature on a fingerprint in that moment. This program can be operated from any computer on the network where it knows movements of staff at the gates on your computer, the Office of Security of the facility or to any director who requests it.

Fingerprint Device

This device has a clock cannot be controlled only by the system administrator. Fingerprint of each employee is defined on that machine in order to recognize the time of signature of the employee in his presence or was spent and record a fingerprint of that movement - time attendance or leave - in the internal memory of the fingerprint device.
Kinds of users and a fingerprint: a fingerprint allows for more than one type of staff signatures in different ways to meet all needs
User tag: This is the user who is the movement of the audience or leave through the finger imprint only
User password: This is the user that the movement or to leave the audience through word Serfqt
User card: This is the user who is the movement of the audience or leave through the card Albrooksimiti.


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