This modern age is featuring rapid changes that results from scientific and technological progress in the field of information technology. Therefore, it becomes necessary to benefit from this revolution to solve many problems that faces the educational process such as the increase in the number of students, the shortage in teachers and the unavailability of enough classes and schools.
The technology revolution converted the world into one village. The result is an increasing demand to exchange knowledge and experience between people.
The students need a rich environment with multiple search tools and self development.

The concept of eLearning was established as a part of the education system that depends on modern technologies and the worldwide information systems. Educational software, email, chat, virtual class rooms are different forms of the new education environment. The Multimedia means using sound, graphics, photos, animation, and video in developing the contents.

The modern development of technology served in the efforts to reform the education system with all its inputs and outputs. The objectives of learning are no more to increase the knowledge of the students. The new trend is to build the student skills and capabilities in order to interact with the fast changing world and increase his power to build a new life based on leadership in his society based on his moral values.



Many educational institutes and ministries of education are planning to adopt the eLearning systems as the future for better education for their students.

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