E-Turn key project

This service aims at providing a complete turnkey solution for automating a company. The KCG special team will study the company need from the following:
  • Computers and accessories.
  • Networks.
  • Software and applications.
KCG offers to the client best prices, best quality, full warranty, technical support and after sales service from committed and reliable technicians and engineers. It is a one stop-shop for company managers who deal with KCG as a partner. In the following a full description for the components of this service:
First: Computers and accessories  
  KCG provides all types of hardware that meet the company requirements. This includes the following:
    1. Servers:  
      All servers from famous brand names are available to assure stability of service to the company.
    2. Computers  
      A compromise is made between reaching the best performance and getting the minimum cost for each department in the company according to the nature of work.
    3- Terminal  
      This type of hardware is needed in companies that require several employees to work on the same computer. The advantages are: saving cost and maintaining security, since the employee is working on a screen keyboard and mouse without using directly the CPU.
    4- Lap tops  
      Lap tops can be used by decision makers, managers or marketing and sales personnel. Many types and brands are available to meet all the needs.
    5- PDA  
      These devices are used for communication between the company representatives and the main office for collection of data and processing transactions while he is on the road or for communication and receiving orders.
    6- Accessories
      All necessary types of printers, plotters, photocopiers, scanners, faxes and other devices can be provided according to the need.
Second: Networks  
  There are three main types of network:
  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  There are three types that connect all computers within the company:
  1. Wired LAN
  2. Wireless LAN
  3. Mixed mode LAN
  • Electricity Distribution Networks:
  The design and installation of the electrical net work depends on the load distribution caused by the used hardware. Care should be made to avoid interference due to electromagnetic effects that may cause damages of data. KCG also plan, design and install telephone networks.
Third: Administrative and supervision Systems
  The internal administrative and security systems include the following:
  • Time attendance using finger print of face detection devices.
  • Doors access control and electronic gates.
  • Organization Management System (OMS) with payrolls and HR.
  • Customer relation Management (CRM) system.
  • Stock Control System.
  • Monitoring activities on the computer network with remote access through the internet.
  • Security camera with recording and internet connection.
  • Communication systems that connect PDA and smart phones to the company internal network system and databases.
KCG is not the only provider of this service, but because we are producers of systems and supplier of Hardware, we can guarantee a complete system that works perfectly according to the client need.

KCG technical support and after sales service makes the difference when we are compared with others.

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