KCG is offering the outsourcing for developing the eContents for clients without having to complete final product.

The processes that KCG can perform are:  
  1. Digitization of the text of books in Arabic and English.
  2. The Digitization of Analog Sound with or without sound editing and compression.
  3. The digitization of analog video with or without editing and compression.
  4. Developing of flash animation with or without sound.
  5. Developing of simulation objects (like virtual experiments, simulation of physical and mathematical concepts, etc).
Khalifa E-Contents Projects:
  • The Digital library
Khalifa had prepared a huge library of multimedia elements and learning objects. The total size of the library exceeds 3 million elements and is continuously increasing. The library contains a wealth of pictures, illustrations, sound, sound effects, screens, backgrounds, video clips, animations, flash and learning objects for many educational subjects. Subjects include: math, physics, Arabic language, Islamic studies, English language and others. KCG is utilizing its library for all projects and products developed. KCG can license this library to educational institutes, schools, MOE or Universities for their internal development of eLearning courses.
  • Arabic E-Contents Project
This project was part of the Arabic eContents initiative organized by MCIT of Egypt. This national project had a total value of 70 million LE. The project time was four years. The objective was to build an electronic national cultural portal for Egypt. The original plan was to electronically publish 2000 Books and 400 software titles. KCG participated in different phases of this project.
  • Educational Games Development
There is an increase of demand to develop games as a powerful educational and entertainment tool in the Arab countries. KCG produced a large number of these games in the form of learning objects. These objects were used in many software titles developed by KCG. Examples of these are: the world of educational games, culture contests, touches typing and best stories. KCG has the tools and capabilities to develop electronic stories and games which can be used as cartoon movies for satellite channels. At the same time, they can be used as games on CD or the internet. KCG can also translate to Arabic and localize international games for the Arab market.

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