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Childhood is future maker, and the children of today a source of human potential of every nation in the future, although investment in education and upbringing of children is the best and most important investments, any money spent or effort for the care and upbringing of children is to secure the future of society, children are the foreseeable future can be achieved by effort and attention to educational, media and health studies and other special studies for children.

The cartoons and children series, play a vital role in giving children the skills of language, through the use of appropriate language for each stage of childhood, that the language of sound and functional, which meet the needs of the child's needs and linked to his life and his world in order to be close to it easier for him to learn, as should stay away from Western "accents" or use words that are not Arab.
Khalifa Cartoon Message  
And a continuation of the Khalifa Computer Group march and its role in education and edification at the Arab and Muslim world Khalifa Carton came as a culmination of ongoing efforts to Khalifa Computer Group, and search hard for the best technical methods to make art meaningful and educational in a fun, attractive and thinking creatively distinguished based on the fundamentals of scientific thought, and productivity tools keep pace with era innovations within the framework of total quality, achieving the advancement and progress of culture and education in the Arab and Muslim world.

Khalifa Carton characterized by existence of excellence human elements in the areas of animation (2D) and (3D) and directing, editing, mixing, as well as the high technical capabilities of design, and all stages of art works of the highest attainable technologies that are available globally, including availability Khalifa Cartoon of the system of quality certified since 1999 [Khalifa Computer Group holds a certificate of quality ISO 9001]

Here are our services  
  1. Implementing and directing all of the two-dimensional (2D) animated works in a high level of quality using the latest animation software in the world.
  2. Implementing and directing all the three-dimensional (3D) works in a high level of technical and paramount quality.
  3. We have a graphics team at the highest level in all the design and graphics works for all educational activities, commercial and others.
  4. We have a scientific and technical capacities of human and technical efficient, to design web pages and create websites for the bodies, institutions, companies and individuals, and develop all existing sites and provide all of the interactive software and multimedia for sites.
  5. We have the latest hardware and software for editing and mixing special effects whether audio or video and all the work for video editing with high technical efficiency.
The important cartoon works of Khalifa Group  
- Prophet Biography Operetta
The first animated operate for Prophet Biography (pbuh)
Duration: 180 minutes    
Number of episodes: 30 episodes
Number of songs: 90 songs
Summary of the idea    

Is a lyric dramatic integrated work, tells the biography of the Prophet - peace be upon him - in the form of singing together, with overlapping of short dramatic scenes; thus providing the greatest amount of songs that teach the Prophet's biography, telling it in an attractive easy-keepers rather than the narrative of boredom or talk direct or indoctrination usual.

Songs had produced in great tunes and fresh and expressive sounds, with high-quality animated, wallpapers attractive take the child to the environments of that time, the wonderful, which witnessed the birth and life of the Prophet - peace be upon him - and his biography, in the framework of religious, scientific, thoughtful takes into account the accuracy and scientific integrity, with simplicity and the ease with the language of Arab smooth, and address the dramatic distinct, and the voices of distinguished artists Doblaj; forcing children to watch the action more than once to save the songs.
- Saladin Film    
Duration: 25 minutes  
Summary of the idea of the film
Work deals with victories leader Saladin against the crusaders, and the battles of war of separation that took place between Muslims and the Crusaders in the technique refined and distinguished on the basis of historical thoughtful takes into account the precision with brevity in the framework of the technical processing excellence and artistic sense of the artists animation we have, and work voices Mdbalij of top artists as Ashraf Abdul Ghafoor and selected artists, distinguished, and the film shows the courage and intelligence and courage and the wisdom of the leader Saladin, and his firm belief in the protection of Islamic holy sites, and to address each of the assault it in order to achieve a victory over the Crusaders and liberate Jerusalem; lined with a history, glorious page in glorious victory .
- People of the Cave    
Duration: 20 minutes  
Summary of the idea of the film
Work addresses the story of the Koran, tells the story of young men who believed in their Lord in the town was the ruler persecuted believers, they went out of their town, fearing for their faith from the strife, so they gathered in a cave outside the town, and drowsiness overcame them for hundreds of years, then God awakened them a great miracle, and the following events in the story depicted in the film by using three-dimensional (3D) and to address the unique art based on the assets of religious, educational, and the story of the dubbed voices of distinguished artists; the film has a lesson and have fun at the same time.
And provide you the best programs, a group of stories cardboard commensurate with the capacities of the child from 5 to 15 years divided into 9 cds and are available with every CD to view the story through the constant supply or view scenery scene or re-landscape the former also have the skills development of children by drawing and coloring, and game compilation of images, and game adventures and the new successor to the company offering engineering and computer questions useful in the subject of the story and the following explanation of these stories:
  1. Rowdy Monkey: this story talks about a monkey who winter came but did not prepare a house for himself to protect from the cold, rather than active and works to build the house, it grappled with animals and birds in the forest, resulting in that he has lost everything, permeates so many dramatic events and paradoxes ridiculous statement with the value of work and the risk of laziness and deception of others.
  2. Raven liar: story talk about a raven wants to stress to the animals that it is always the best and seek to spread fear and discomfort throughout the forest by lying, which signed in big trouble, and put him to avenge birds large than in the exciting and funny, and the story focuses on the value of honesty and sincerity to others.

  3. The country of doubt: the story tells about a country of skeptics, and their believe in the hero Aladdin who was able to have on the consent of the king through the good manners and not to doubt in people as it does the people of this village.
  4. The village and the beast: and talking on the village horror of this monster that kills livestock and plunge the planting and attack people and kill them and how they had dealt with children and were able to get him out of their village.

  5. Fox greedy: and talking about betrayal and greed of the fox and his gimmick to Sparrow and duck and other animals to eat them, but how it will survive the forced.
  6. Self-conceited Sparrow: story dealing with egos and how pleased they do not come on its owner and never by Sparrow and friends of the crow, and owl monkey, and how they dealt with this vanity and accompanied by the bird.
  7. Rocks Sea: the story tells about the boy Arab (Saad), who owns the invention is strange (the compass), and the desire of pirates to obtain this invention to know the place for the conduct merchant ships and get them on the day, and how to survive Saad of pirates who destroy all due to their differences with each .
  8. Island of the pirates: and tells about (Ghaddar), leader of the pirates and the scientist (Shams al-Din), who invented a drug that protects against diseases of the coast, and run (Ghaddar) battles to get the strange medication.

  9. Laziness and honey: the story covers recipe laziness, which embodies it the character sloth bear who loves honey and laziness, and laziness has led to a lot of trouble did not get the honey he wants.
  10. Nestling and Mulberry tree: in this story we recognize on the chick who has rebelled against his life and the grain you eat every day, and left the farm to get the berries did not listen to the advice of his father's parents, he faces many of the risks that we recognize them through this beautiful story.
  11. Secretary Trader: we recognize in this story the Secretary merchant and his son (Hassan), his father left him in a trade in the Levant and wanted to learn his son the trade, honesty and self-reliance, and see what did the dealer cheater with the child good and how the disposal of the merchant Secretary goes out to his son from this quandary to the caliph.

Cardboard Stories of the Prophets

Commensurate with the abilities of children from 5 to 15 years divided into 5 CD, program commensurate with the capacities of the child, in terms of text language, and performance analog and animation, the stories translated into English and French, and is available for the development of the child's skills through drawing, coloring and compilation of images and the order of words and questions useful for each prophet, as the program contains a collection of Islamic songs, with the following contents of discs:
  • The first disc (Adam - Seth and Idris - Noah - Hood - Saleh).
  • The second disc (Hebron and birth - Hebron and redemption - Lot - Ismail - Ayoub).
  • The third disc (Yusuf in the House of Prophecy - Yusuf in prison - Yusuf treasures of Egypt - Shoaib - Younis)
  • Fourth disc (Moses with his people - Moses with his wives - Moses and the miracles - Moses with the Greens - Moses and disbelief of Bani Israel)
  • Fifth disc (David - Soliman - Yahya - wide - Issa)

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