The revolution caused by information and communication technology lead to a substantial development in all fields of life. The growth of digital resources and electronic systems has forced the world to reconsider the traditional methods for publishing and acquiring knowledge and information. On the other hand, the knowledge economy does not rely on the power of production only but also the power of publishing and distribution of knowledge.

The ePublishing is superior over the traditional one by many advantages which can be summarized in the following:

1.Interactivity: the exchange of information and knowledge between the electronic publishers and others is a continuous process. Blocks, forums, social networks, chat rooms and others are different platforms for these activities.
2.Lower Cost: most of the expenses paid by publishers are due to cost of printing, storage, distribution and shipment of books. For ePublishing there is no such cost. To ePublish a book you need only one copy to be placed on the internet. A much lower cost is spent if the publisher produced his eBook on CD.


3.Easiness of Search: the researcher does not have to read complete set of books. Search engines save time and effort to get the required knowledge and information.
4.De-massification: the ePublishing can target a person or persons of some special groups of people.
5.Time saving: the user does not need to search in book shelves in a library or contact a researcher to get the information. Through the internet and by using one of the search engines, he can get the information in few minutes.
6.It does not need synchronization: all the information is stored on servers which are allows online. The publisher can add his elements any time. The users can access this information starting from the time it is added.
7.Mobility: The transfer of information from one place to another all over the world does not have any time or space barriers as far as the internet is available.
8. Ease of use: Editing, adding, deleting or modifying of eContents is done easily without effort or cost for the author. In addition, the powerful features of search engines and tools are much easier than that for printed books

  9.Convertibility: The developed eContents can be converted from one form to another. The different storage media such as hard disks, the internet, CD, Flash memory and many other media can be used to carry and move the same eContents.
10. Proliferation: The developed eContents as soon as they are published they spread all over the earth.
11.Space Saving: Great saving in space is achieved when ePublished books and documents replace the paper ones. Servers has now great storage capacity whether they are locally available or connected to the internet
  12.Ease of Editing and Modification: The publisher after publishing can modify and enhance his work. The reader can get that immediately. The publisher and reader does not need to wait, as usually happens until the paper book in reprinted.

13.The possibility to copy parts of the electronic contents without the need for reprint.

14.The easiness of referring to the references used in a certain study. Reader can use the hyperlink feature to get the details of reference. He can then, get it and browse it before going back to the study he is reading

  15.The fast development of electronic proofreading and spell checking for eContents save tremendous time and effort. Needless to say about the word processing software that continuously improves its functions and capabilities.

16.The automatic translation of eContents for many of the world languages is progressing faster in spite of the difficulties that face a machine to fully understand the text and translated to another language

17.The Decentralization in Media: satellites and the internet are continuously developed to reach the goal that the whole world becomes like one large village.

  18.The ePublishing and the internet created what is called the cyber space that removes all space and time barriers between people
  19.On the scientific and academic level, ePublishing has great benefits for researchers and academic staff. Instead of wasting time to get information and exchange knowledge on the worldwide basis, they can concentrate on analysis, interpretation, discovery and innovation. This leads to a great progress in research and knowledge.
  20.The ePublishing industry saved almost 90% of the publication cost of the traditional book’s publication cost. This is a considerable saving in the world economy
  21.Preservation of Environment: The reduction in using paper means less trees will be cut and converted to paper. Also, many of the used paper is converted to waste. In other words, ePublishing helps in developing green technology that respect the nature

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