In spite of the difficulty to explore the history of a corporate over a period of 25 years in few pages, the following time line shows the mile stones of an ancient group that started earlier to take the leadership in Arabic Software Industry.

Mile Stones

(1) The origin of "KCG" was in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. During the year 1984 a company was formed in Jeddah for the objective of utilizing the computer technology for teaching children in Arabic. The computer capabilities at that time were not enough to fulfill this noble goal.


(2) Within a year, an office was established in Egypt for engineering consultation and computer services. The two entities were, then agreed on the goal and were united under the same flag of KCG. They decided to cooperate to tackle a new risky industry. The Arabic Language, at that time, was a stranger for the operating system "DOS 2.0" that was used then. Only very few Arabization systems were available at that time.


(3) When a new Arabization system known as "The Arabic Helper" came to the market, the Saudi Company adopted this system together with the Egyptian office. Very shortly after that, the Egyptian office was converted into "Khalifa for Engineering and Computer- Khalifa Computer Group". New historic changes happened when both parties started to develop educational software for children on IBM-XT computers with its modest capabilities. The first Arabic title to be developed was "The Teacher of Arabic Alphabets ".This product was released in 1985 and was well received in the Saudi Market as the first of its king on DOS environment.


(4) During 1987 Khalifa Computer Group had a contract with an American company called "COVOX" to distribute one of the first 8 BIT voice cards on the personal computers in all the Arab nations, with a condition to support the team of Khalifa software developers in developing Arabic Talking software.


(5) The success with Covox leads to another similar contract with "Digital Vision" in USA, to distribute video capturing boards in the Arab nations with full technical support to produce Arabic software titles based on this board.


(6) Other contracts were conducted for other products, and by the end of the 1989; Khalifa Computer Group had more than 150 Arabic software titles that were developed on DOS environment while using Sound, photo, and video. Until that time the word "Multimedia" was neither well known nor widely spread in the Arab world.


(7) Khalifa Software passes through the long road for developing the storage media for the IBM PC, from the floppy disk drives 5.25 inches (360 KB capacity) to 3.25 inches (1.44 MB capacity). During the decade (1980-1989) Khalifa Computer Group was the pioneer of Multimedia and educational software in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region with almost no competitors.


(8) During the period 1990-1999, Khalifa had completed its network of distributors that covered most of the Saudi Cities and expanded to UAE and Kuwait. That required the opening of a new office for Khalifa Computer Group in Sharja, UAE.


(9) During the same period, Khalifa Computer Group had a great success in modifying its products and migrated to all versions of windows from Windows 2.0 to Windows-XP as they came.

(10) Khalifa was the first company in the Arab world to produce its software on CDROM since 1992. The CD products were "Al-Kottab for Quran Memorization" and groups of educational and cultural software. That was the startup for launching of an ambitious plan to develop one of the largest libraries of multimedia software in the Arab nation on CDROM. This library reached now more than 250 products that covers the needs of Arab and Muslim family, schools, educational institutes, training and cultural centers.


(11) Through the international Marketing office in UAE, the distributor's network for Khalifa software had expanded to cover most of the Arab nations, Far East, and some of the European countries. Through its distributors, Khalifa software was delivered to Ministries of Education in UAE, Qatar, and Oman.


(12) On the other hand, "Khalifa for Engineering and Computer-Khalifa Computer Group" had many success stories in the Egyptian market. Contracts and delivery of purchase orders were made to the Ministry of Education, Technology Clubs of the MCIT, Training centers of the Egyptian Universities, and the call center of ELABS (the Computer for each home project).


(13) In 1995, Khalifa Computer Group added a new department to its organizational structure for "Business Development". This department is specialized in developing projects in the areas where Khalifa has several years of experience such as: Multimedia Software, eLearning, e-Publishing and e-Contents.


(14) Khalifa Computer Group was granted the ISO 9001 in 1999 from ASR, USA.



(15) The products from Khalifa was field tested by a broad sector of users in Egypt, and both the Arab and Islamic World. Microsoft Test Engineers selected more than 120 of Khalifa Computer Group products, tested them and posted them on the Arabic Software section of "MSN Arabia" under the titles "Windows Souk".

(16) Since that decision was made, Khalifa had completed more than 100 projects in the Arab Countries, and is looking forward for more penetration into Other Islamic countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Pakistan.


(17) To support this development, Khalifa Computer Group has established a new company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, named "Gulf Panorama for Software-GPS" as Center for Business Development and projects design and implementation in Saudi Arabia and Gulf states. GPS is offering advanced eLearning solutions to schools, Ministries of Education, Universities, and training centers. It also cooperates with publishing houses in e-Publishing and development of eBooks.


(18) During year 200i the software development center of KCG was converted to a joint venture Egyptian – Arab company under the name "Al-Khalifa for Information and communication Technology (KICT). The new company capability was tremendously increased as a part of the preparation to apply for giant projects. 1995
(19) During the years 1995 – 2009, KCG Completed successfully large projects in Egypt, Libya, Kuwait and Yemen in the field of eLearning and in cooperation with international companies such as Intel. KCG also completed the development of a complete Organization Management system (OMS) with the latest technologies of time attendance devices. 1995
(20) During year 2010, the OMS Project was launched in Egypt and the Arab markets. The new system was sold to more than 100 clients in varieties of specialization, such as hospitals, factories, governmental organizations, companies schools, and business offices. On the other hand, KCG established its new company in North America under the name "Digi Novia". As the name indicates, the company is based on innovations. 1995

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