Due to the increasing demand and a powerful tool for Education and Entertainment, KCG is currently building a facility for Development of Animation, Cartoon and Games. A specialized personnel and experts were contacted to form a work group at KCG for this type of activities and the Marketing and Business Development Departments are working to get projects in this vital field.
KCG is mainly interested in getting clients and partners in the following areas:
1- Arabization, Localization and Distribution of Arabic PC Games:
Such projects can be done based on partnership or revenue sharing.
2- Development of Cartoon Animation for satellite TV channels:
The new concept in such projects is that the developed Cartoon movie will be produced in three forms:
(I) A broadcast quality Cartoon Movie.
(II) A DVD and VCD version.
(III) A CDROM version which will have the mix between a story and computer game.
The three forms which will target different market segments will help in increasing the revenues from such project and help in increasing the profit margin.
For Interested Partners or Clients Please go to Contact Us and send to us an Email.


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