Marketing Activities

Khalifa computer Group has a good marketing team which is specialized in marketing KCG products and services (projects). The marketing activities include the participation in a large number of Exhibitions in four main areas: The Arab World, Far East, Europe and USA.

The Marketing Team


The marketing team of Khalifa is working through three departments which are: the national and international marketing departments and the business development department.

The team is working in marketing of the products and the capabilities of Khalifa for projects and services. A complete cooperation is achieved between the marketing team of the companies within Khalifa Computer group. The objective is to utilize the geographic expansion to form a complete network of dealers and distributors for the products and develop contracts with potential clients for projects in fields where Khalifa has long experience. The marketing activities are done through trade missions, participation in international exhibitions and by direct marketing through Emails, faxes, and calls.
With more than 25 years in Business, KCG has a large customer database. This data base includes the following categories:

  • Dealers and Distributors for KCG products (Now 240 titles).
  • End Users for KCG Products.
  • Clients for KCG projects.

This Customers Data Base is divided among the main areas of activities (The Arab World, Far East, Europe and USA).

Our Customer Data Base


The Customers Email system at Khalifa is based on a large Data Base which contains all KCG customers' worldwide (Arab nations, Europe, Far East, USA, Canada and Australia).

This data base was collected from trade missions, exhibitions, and using all possible resources such as directories, internet search engines and readily available customer data bases. These data are continuously updated using automatic electronic systems such as Plaxo. The data bases are connected to the communication systems for contacting the customers and at the same time connected to the updating systems. The most important programs used for customer's contacts are: MS Outlook, Yahoo messenger, MSN messenger and Skype.

Once a contract is signed with a client, a representative from the Business Development Department (BD) is appointed to be the contact officer between the Client and the Production Sector (Khalifa Software House). In front of the Production Department he represents the Client and in front of the Client. He represents KCG. A continuous support and after sales service is provided by the production department to fulfill the client's satisfaction.

Technical and Marketing Support


The marketing team of Khalifa is providing a distinguished service through a complete system of communication and follows up. The technical and marketing support consists of:

  • Account Manager
  • The marketing consultant
  • The advertisement specialist.
  • The technical support specialist.
  • The exhibitions specialist.
  • Data Base Specialist

This team is providing his services and daily contact with dealers and distributors using the latest internet technologies. This includes VOIP for voice communication (such as Skype), chat like Yahoo Messenger and MSN messenger. These tools are used to solve the customers, dealers and distributors instantaneously and at almost no cost.


On the other hand, the marketing team is providing advertisement service to dealers and distributors using TV satellite channels, internet, and Email campaigns. These services are provided as a part of the distribution agreements. As soon as the dealer or distributor is appointed, his name is added to:

Where request for KCG software from visitors of MSN Windows Souk will be redirect it to him.



KCG International Marketing team participates in 20-30 local and international exhibitions per year including:

  • GITEX, Dubai, UAE.
  • GITEX, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • CeBIT, Hanover, Germany.
  • Frankfort International Book Fair, Germany.
  • Bahrain International Book Fair.
  • Morocco International Book Fair
  • Cairo International Book Fair.
  • Yemen International Book Fair.
  • Libya International Book Fair.
  • Qatar International book Fair.
  • Comex International Computer Fair- Oman.
  • Kuwait International Book Fair.
  • Saudi Arabia International Book Fair, Riyadh-Saudi Arabia.
  • Algeria International boom Fair.
  • International book Fair, Tunisia
  • ISNA Annual Conference and Exhibition- USA
  • Izmir International Fair – Turkey.
  • ACITEX Computer exhibition Organized by Al-Ahram, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Mansora Computer Fair – Egypt.
  • Indonesia International Book Fair- Indonesia

The marketing team studies the demand in each market to help Khalifa Software House in its yearly software production plan and appoints dealers and distributors for its products. One of the main advantages of attending this large number of exhibitions it market the new products and receive a direct feedback from the end users, since Khalifa does not deal with end users directly except through these exhibitions. KCG depends on Distributors and dealers network to cover the retail market.

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