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Khalifa Computer Group "KCG" established since 1984. "KCG" is a group of companies in different countries:

Khalifa Computer Group Companies


Al- Khalifa for Information & communication Technology
KICT is a joint venture Egyptian-Arab company. This company represents the center of software development for the group, and contains huge digital libraries of educational elements and assets of software development. This center was formed since 1984, as part of Khalifa Computer Group and carried out more than 100 projects and developed more than 500 educational and cultural software titles.

SAHL for software production and Marketing This is an Egyptian company specialized in the production and marketing of Khalifa’s software products and services (projects). Also it offers technical support and after-sales service to the customers.

Saudi Arabia:

Gulf panorama This is a Saudi company following Saudi investment laws. This company is developing projects in Saudi Arabia and the sell pre-packaged software of Khalifa Computer Group .


Diginovia This Company represents the existence of Khalifa Computer Group in the North American market.

"KCG" is specialized in software development, with a special interest in e-Learning, e-Publishing, business and tailor made applications, localization of software, and multimedia development. KCG provides consultation and training services and develops engineering projects that have software as a main component. KCG developed and completed more than 100 projects and more than 500 software titles on CDROM for Egyptian, Arabic and International Markets. The developed experience in the group allows it to have a diversity of business units in the IT sector. Khalifa Computer Group is one of the pioneers of Arabic and Multimedia Software in the Arab Countries.

Khalifa Computer Group is looking forward to become a leader in e-Learning and e-Publishing software industries in the Arab World and world wide. Khalifa Computer Group is hoping to spread its activities all over the Arabic and Islamic world and serve the Arabic Language in Software development worldwide.



  1. To achieve an international level of quality in developing Arabic Software.
  2. To satisfy the needs of Arabic and Islamic software markets in the fields of e-Learning and e-Publishing in Arabic and to close the digital divide in the nation due to the vast progress in Information Technology.




  • The continuous development of Arabic software industries.
  • Maintaining the highest level of quality.
  • Providing innovative solutions and products to our clients.
  • Distinguished marketing and after sales service with a special emphasis on modern eMarketing technology.

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